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Cornea Andhatva Mukta Bharat Abhiyan
कॉर्नियाल  अंधत्व  मुक्त भारत अभियान
Corneal Blindness Free Bharat Movement

What is CAMBA?
CAMBA” stands for Corneal Andhatva Mukta Bharat Abhiyan (in Hindi), means Corneal
Blindness Free Bharat Movement (in English).
The independent India facing many medico-social challenges. Corneal blindness is one among them. Cornea is an outer most transparent layer of eye, which may be damaged due to many reasons like malnutrition, chemical injury, accident, surgery etc. According to one estimation 2 to 20 lakh population of India is having corneal blindness, which can be cured by an eye donation. Unfortunately, there is huge scarcity of cornea in nation. Though every year around 1 crore deaths occur but only 25,000 people are donating their eye for the noble cause. If this number is increased to 4 lakh; Eye banks are established in all states & districts; Cornea specialist are made available at every important place & more importantly the great mass of people is filled with right awareness on eye donation, we can make India corneal blindness free by 2020.
To accomplish this national mission, SAKSHAMA has launched a nationwide campaign CAMBA (cornea andatwa mukta bharath abhiyan) on March 5, 2016. The campaign comprises a systematic survey to prepare the data of people with corneal blindness; creating functional network between Donor-Eye bank-Eye hospital-recipient & establishing pool of sight ambassador (Nethra rakshak) to take care of post-operative care & other grass root activities.  During the national eye donation awareness fortnight (Aug 25 to Sep 8) our volunteers visit homes in Karnataka  & educate the public on importance of eye donation. In connection of CAMBA, Saksham organises various activities like Blind-Fold walk,Games,  Rally, Human-chine, Bike & Bicycle rally, Presentations in educational institutes, Different competitions in schools, on line campaign in social media etc. Let’s all enlightened citizens of India solemnly pledge our eyes today. Let’s motivate every Indian to become sight ambassador. Let’s be the active partners of the nation-wide campaign for social change & make India corneal blindness free.
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Important Eye Banks :
  1. Sankara Eye Hospital , Phone : +91 80 28542727/28/29
  2. Prabha Eye Clinic and Research Center : +91 80 2663 7041, +91 80 2663 7041
  3. Minto Eye Hospital : +91 80 2670 7176
  4. B.W. Lions Super Speciality Eye Hospital : +91 80 2223 5005, +91 97405 56666
  5. Narayana Nethralaya, Rajaji Nagar : +91 806612 1300 / 1305
  6. Narayana Health City : +91 80 6666 0655/ 0658
  7. Shraddha Eye Bank (Nethradhama Super Speciality Eye Hospital) : +91 80 2663 4200
  8. Ramaiah Memorial Eye Bank : +81 80 2360 8888
  9. Sri Basaveshwara Punarjyothi Eye bank, Chithradurga : +91 98860 97046, +91 98456 80919
  10. Sampath Raj Bhatiya Eye Donation Society, Bhadravati : +91 94491 50551
  11. Sankara Eye Hospital, Shivamogga : +08182 – 222099, +08182 – 222 100
  12. She. G.M. Eye Bank Trust and Research Foundation, Alnavar, Dharawada : +91 83623 85395
  13. KLE Dr Prabhakar Kore Hospiatal : +91 83124 73777
  14. A.J.Hosptial, Mangaluru : +91 824 2225533
  15. Mangala Hospital, Mangaluru : +91 824 2443445
  16. Father Muller Hospital, Mangaluru :  +91 824 2238000
  17. K.S Hegde Medical College, Mangaluru :  +91 824-2204490

  • 05.03.2016, Constitution Club, New Delhi. Eye specialists, Directors of Eye Banks, President and Secretaries of Saksham’s prant units were present in the workshop. In Total 24 States represented the program. The presence of following dignitaries glorified the magnitude and gravity of the Abhiyan and their speeches inspired one and all –
  • Mananiya Sarkaryavah ji of RSS Shri Bhaiyaji Joshi
  • Hon’ble Union Minister of Health Shri J P Nadda ji
  • Hon’ble Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment
  • Shri Krishnapal Gurjar EBAI,  National president
  • Dr. Radhika Tandon
  • Dr. SS Agarwal, National President IMA
  • Mrs Dharitri Panda, Secy NBCS (National Blindness Control Society)
  • Shri Lov Verma, Former Chief Secretary MoSJ&E
  • Ms Ira Singhal, First IAS topper with disability.

  1. CAMBA Overview Slides
  2. Eye Donation Awareness Slides
  3. CAMBA Brochure English
  4. CAMBA Brochure Kannada
  5. Camba activity list in Letterhead
  6. CAMBA_Activity Statistics
  7. Covering letter for signature campaign_English
  8. Eye Pledge Form
  9. Signature Sheet for signature campaign
  10. EYE DONATE Brochure – English
  11. Flyer – English
  12. Sticker – English

Eye Donation
  1. Eyes may be donated only after death.
  2. Eyes must be removed within 4-6 hours after death.
  3. Nearest eye bank should be informed immediately.
  4. Eyes may be removed only by a trained doctor or trained technician.
  5. The eye bank team may remove eyes at home of the deceased or at a hospital.
  6. Eye removal process is simple and takes only 10 to 15 minutes.
  7. Eye removal does not lead to any disfigurement in eye.
  8. Only the transparent section of the eyes called cornea is taken out and not the full eye ball.
  9. A small quantity of blood will be drawn to rule out communicable diseases.
  10. Anyone can pledge eyes.
  11. The eyes can be pledged to any eye bank preferably the nearest one.
  12. The identities of both the donor and the recipient remain confidential.
  13. One pair of eyes gives vision to TWO corneal blind people.
  14. Eyes donated to The Eye-Bank that are not medically suitable for transplant may be used for treatment, medical research and education.
  15. Precautions to be taken after eye donation call to actual eye (Cornea) collection –
  • Close the eye lids of the deceased person.
  • Keep cold water cloth or ice cubes on the eye lids to prevent drying out of the cornea.
  • Put off the fan (if running).
  • A couple of eye drops of antibiotic are preferable to prevent any kind of infection to cornea.  A patient – Before and After Corneal Transplant

Awareness Brochure

Sakshama Karnataka - CAMBA Awareness Brochure 1


Sakshama Karnataka - CAMBA Awareness Brochure 2

CAMBA Pledge forms

Sakshama Karnataka - CAMBA Pledge Form1Sakshama Karnataka - CAMBA Pledge Form2Sakshama Karnataka - CAMBA Pledge Form3

Sakshama Camba EDF 2017

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Sakshama Camba EDF 2017 Report Table

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